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Optimum Clutch Solutions


Optimum Clutch Systems, is the leading supplier of specialist clutch products for the performance and racing industry.

We have developed unique methods to modify and improve clutch systems for all types of motor vehicles.

Optimum Clutch Systems is also the only one-stop-shop in South Africa where all types of clutch modification can be carried out to the customer’s requirements and specifications.

Here at Optimum Clutch Systems we can advise you, the customer, as to the best design and set up required for your particular vehicle and driving style. Once consensus is reached, Optimum Clutch Systems can build a clutch unit for your vehicle with any combination of friction material, clamping force and flywheel configuration.

Optimum Clutch Systems is the pioneer of the NU/PIVOT (yellow) type pressure plates as well as the dual friction type clutch plates and all types of “copper” clutch plates. As these are all manufactured in house, Optimum Clutch Systems is able to control the quality as well as the delivery times to suit the customers’ needs.

In addition to performance and racing clutches Optimum Clutch Systems is also the largest rebuilder of all types of agricultural clutch packs for any type of TRACTOR available in South Africa as well as holding a large range of spare parts for all types of clutch units found in the South African market.